TopicHighly praised features of Norton

  • Thu 20th Feb 2020 - 5:35am

    There are certain features in Norton antivirus because of which it is still the choice of many and these features are listed below:

    -The two-way firewall will restrict the entry of harmful elements.
    -With its location awareness feature, you can easily locate your devices.
    -A real-time threat protection feature is built-in most of its products.
    -You will get a secured and smart VPN for surfing the web safely.
    -An apt password manager with a number of functions.
    -A secured cloud backup feature allows you to store huge databases.
    -Anti-phishing technology to sidestep phishing scams.

    Remember: You can avail these features only if you have the apt Norton software available at

  • Thu 20th Feb 2020 - 6:26am

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  • Wed 8th Apr 2020 - 8:40am

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